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Sunday, November 14, 2004


[?'s] killed investigative author, object wife, and a mother, Ms. Iris Chang?


[11-11-04] R.I.P.

"Santa Clara County sheriff's Deputy Terrance Helm said a
motorist driving Tuesday morning on Highway 17 south of
the Cats restaurant in an unincorporated area near Los Gatos
noticed a car a short distance down a private water district

"He pulled over to check on the vehicle and called 911."

"Investigators found a frontier-type ["cowboy"] six-gun and a
note in the car, according to sources with knowledge of the
case. The official cause of death was pending...".

"After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, [--] Chang also
spoke out and wrote opinion pieces on government treatment
of Muslims and immigrants. She denounced the University of
California-Berkeley in the summer of 2003 for banning students
from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore from enrolling
because of the concern that they might be carrying the SARS

"To many Chinese immigrants in America, some of them
survivors of Nanking, Chang embodied the best of the old
world and new. Her work to retrace her own history -- and by
extension the history of many Chinese in America -- resonated
with many."

"("Many of us went through the trauma of war, and we can see
that our children didn't know very much about that war or what
we went through,'') said Marjorie H. Li, an Oakland public
librarian, who [had] known Chang for four years...".

"[Chang] worked briefly as a reporter for the Associated Press
and the Chicago Tribune before completing a graduate degree
in writing from Johns Hopkins University."

"Most recently, the couple lived in North San Jose, near the
offices of Cisco Systems, where Douglas worked as an
engineer. Chang is survived by her husband and a 2-year-old


What killed investigative author, wife-mother, Iris Chang?

How about $4,608,000,000.oo dollars. Four trillion, six
hundred-eight, hundred-thousand-million, U.S. Treasury
dollars worth of reasons for starters?

Most obivous answer that comes to mind -- for the truth.

After all, the motto of our CIA is something to that effect.
Phara-phasing, "the truth shall set you free." Unless, of
course, you're not ready - willing - or able to co-operate.

More likely than not, just another ramdon act of violence
in the hills of Northern California. Remember that Manson
fellow used to be a "wild & crazy kind of" Californian guy.

"Best-selling US author Iris Chang...found dead at the age
of 36. The writer was discovered in her car on a highway
near Los Gatos in California and had a gunshot wound to
[the] head...".

"Chang was renowned for her books about the Japanese
occupation of China as well as the history of Chinese
immigrants in the US."

"She was best-known for her 1997 international best-seller
("The Rape Of Nanking,") which described the atrocities
committed by Japanese soldiers during their occupation
of the former Chinese capital in the 1930s...".

"("Thread Of The Silkworm")" told the story of Tsien Hsue-shen,
the Chinese physicist who pioneered China's missile program[]
during the Cold War."

Her agent Susan Rabiner said she suffered a breakdown [was
hopitalized and treatment apparently was ongoing, as a result
of, related] research for her [pending] book about US soldiers
fighting the Japanese in the Philippines...".

"The late historian Stephen Ambrose described Chang as
("maybe the best historian we've got"). ("She understands that
to communicate history, you've got to tell the story in an
interesting way,") he added." (1)


"Six decades after putting their lives on the line during World
War II, about 8,000 Filipino-Americans are waging a battle of
a different kind -- for pensions now enjoyed by their US
comrades who were in the same warfront."

"("We fought alongside the Americans in the same war. We
are US citizens and we deserve full equity as US veterans,")
said Celestino Almeda, 86, a disabled Filipino-American who
joined dozens of his comrades in a rally outside the White
House Thursday to drive home the point to President George
W. Bush." [aka. "cowboy" - west-tex ole' west hat, no alamo.]

"Some 275,000 of their American comrades are receiving 800
dollars per month in what is known as ("pensions for low-
income veterans.")...".(3)

Let's see if I've got the numbers right. An estmated ("8,000")
"Filipino-Americans" at roughly ("800") dollars per month for
("six decades") or 60 years. That's 720 months @ 800 per. ea.

Equaling $576,000.oo dollars for a veteran. So 8,000 would be
a total of $4,608,000,000.oo dollars. Four trillion, six hundred
-eight, hundred-thousand-million U.S. Treasury dollars due since
the "Saving of Private Ryan" ~or the greatest generation event.(4)
(0) " 11/11/2004 ('The Rape of Nanking')
author is found dead" • Review: Epic explores being Chinese
in the U.S. (April 27, 2003) "('The Rape of Nanking') author is
found dead By Jessie Mangaliman, Cecilia Kang and Chuck
Carroll [-] Mercury News Contact Jessie Mangaliman at (408) 920-5794."
(1) "BBC NEWS Entertainment ("Author Chang found dead
aged 36")" Story from BBC NEWS:Published: 2004/11/11
10:26:45 GMT © BBC MMIV"

29, 2004 (STAR) (AFP) - Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi
All rights reserved
(4) "Calculator, furnished by "Microsoft" "Windows XP2/Dell"

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