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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


"Motive-(9/11): Revenge, Money, Power?"

It should be safe for us to theorize that human nature,
generally, only goes off the "normal" track, or becomes
"dysfunctional" in three distinct areas: revenge, money
or power. These would then be areas of criminology. Or
for a "crime-scene-investigation", or simply - ("c.s.i").

First, the "REVENGE" element;

During the 2000 presidential transition period, the present
administration was given, or as passed, information indicating
that a group named as "Al Qaeda" intended harm.

"According to the CIA and the 9/11 commission,
there were 40 other mentions of Al Qaeda or Bin Laden
in the President's Daily Briefs before 9/11. Most of
those presumably came during what [the NSC] called
("the threat spike") of June and July 2001...". (Note 1)

So, the threat factor was self evident and/or established. By
a particular, as named, and including their idenified leader.

"Revenge", being the underlying reason, and as expressed,

"...the President's Daily Brief from 6 August 2001,
headlined ("Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US,")...talked
about intentions, about somebody who hated America..., [&] the
Sunday news analysis in The New York Times began with the[ir]
following summary: ("In a single 17-sentence document, [that]
the intelligence briefing delivered to President Bush in August
2001 spells out the who, hints at the what and points towards
the where of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington
that followed 36 days later.")...". (Note 2)

"[In t]he White House briefing on 17 May 2002 by [person],
in which [they] said, ("The President was aware that bin Laden, of
course, as previous administrations it's been well-known that bin
Laden was determined to strike the United States. In fact, the label
on the President's -- the PDB was, ('bin Laden determined to strike
the United States.'") Within two days, the missing preposition from
the title ("Strike in US") was supplied on the front page of the
Washington Post...". (Note 3)

Second, the "MONEY" element;

During 2001 efforts were made, and some transactions
became installed, that injected a "money" element to,

"9/11 Insider Trading" [-] "They [media] don't talk about it
anymore, but someone tried to make money with unusual stock trades
right before the terrorist attacks of September 11. Who knew to bet
that United Airlines would lose money? Suppressed Details of Criminal
Insider Trading Lead Directly into the CIA’s Highest Ranks [" -Title]
"CIA Executive Director [former one] managed firm that handled ("PUT")
options on United Airline Stock" [in a story] by Michael C. Ruppert".

"FTW - October 9, 2001 – Although uniformly ignored by the mainstream
U.S. media, there is abundant and clear evidence that a number of
transactions in financial markets indicated specific [and/or](criminal)
foreknowledge of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center[s]
and the Pentagon. In the case of at least one of these trades -- which
has left a $2.5 million prize unclaimed -- the firm used to place the
("put options") on United Airlines stock was, until 1998, managed by
the man who is now in the number three Executive Director position at
the Central Intelligence Agency."

"Until 1997 [one] Chairman of the investment bank A.B. Brown.[-] A.B.
Brown was acquired by Banker’s Trust in 1997. [name] then became, as
part of the merger, Vice Chairman of Banker’s Trust-AB Brown, one of
20 major U.S. banks named by Senator [name two] this year as being
connected to money laundering. [name one]’s last [known] position at
Banker’s Trust (BT) was to oversee ("private client relations.") In
this capacity [where "one"] had direct hands-on relations with some
of the the world in a kind of specialized banking
operation...identified by the U.S. Senate and other investigators as
being closely connected to the laundering of drug money...". (Note 4)

So far, only money not picked up -- has been identified.

With another possible element related to (9/11) and "money".

"In the lead-up to the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in the fall
of 2001, British Prime Minister Tony Blair boosted morale for the
war by promising that the removal of the south Asian country's hard
-line rulers, the Taliban, would cut heroin cultivation."

"("Ninety percent of the heroin on British streets originates in
Afghanistan,") [England's] Blair told the Labor party conference.
("The arms the Taliban are buying today are paid for with the
lives of people buying their drugs on British streets. That is
another part of their regime we should seek to destroy,") he said."
"While the invasion did succeed in ousting the Taliban from power,
with the regime went its tough control of the drug trade. Although
the regime made huge profits from selling the opiate, its [pre-2001]
cultivation was officially outlawed and punishable by hanging."

"Cultivation booms after Taliban's fall"[-]"Following the Taliban's
fall, illicit poppy cultivation rose by 8 percent between 2002 and
2003, according to the U.N. Office for Drug Control. And the 2004
crop is projected to be even greater. A survey conducted last October,
at the time of planting, showed that 69 percent of farmers interviewed
intended to plant more poppies than they had the previous year. This
spring, a U.N. mission to poppy-growing areas of the country also
reported an increase in cultivation."

"Producing around 70 percent of the world's heroin, Afghanistan's crop
is exported, processed and dispersed via myriad trade routes: south
through Pakistan west through Iran and increasingly north through the
Central Asian republics. After changing hands many times, an average
of around 30 tons of heroin end up in the United Kingdom each year,
according to Britain's National Criminal Intelligence Service, with
Britons consuming a third to half of all the heroin estimated to be in
the European Union...Treatment centers say they will not likely see an
impact for years to come...". (Note 5)

Indicating that post-9/11 methods have produced record
profits for different groups, both abroad and/or here in the
United States. With "money" elements not fully noticed until
perhaps, years after such an event making the connection cold.

Third, bring us to the question of a "POWER" element;

"...Monday, Aug. 30, 2004 [-] Half of New Yorkers Believe U.S.
Leaders Had Foreknowledge of Impending 9/11 Attacks and ("Consciously
Failed") To Act; 66% Call For New Probe of Unanswered Questions by
Congress or New York's Attorney General, New Zogby International Poll
Reveals[.](Utica, NY) - On the eve of a Republican National Convention
invoking 9/11 symbols, sound bytes and imagery, half (49.3%) of New
York City residents and 41% of New York citizens overall say that some
of our leaders ("knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around
September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act,") according
to the poll conducted by Zogby International...of New York residents was
...from Tuesday August 24 through Thursday August 26, 2004...results have
a margin of sampling error of +/-3.5...". (Note 6)

"...[the] executive director of, [or] the group that
commissioned the poll, expressed genuine surprise that New Yorkers' belief
in the administration's complicity is as high or higher than that seen
overseas. ("We're familiar with high levels of 9/11 skepticism abroad where
there has been open debate of the evidence for US government complicity."

"On May 26th the Toronto Star reported a national poll showing that
63% of Canadians are also convinced US leaders had ('prior knowledge') of
the attacks yet declined to act. There was no US coverage of this startling
poll or the facts supporting the Canadians' conclusions, and there has been
virtually no debate on the victim families' scores of still unanswered
questions. [Some] think these numbers show that most New Yorkers are

now fed up with the silence, and that politicians trying to exploit 9/11 do so
at their peril. The 9/11 case is not closed and New York's questions are not
going away.")...". (Note 7)

The term "prior knowledge" noted as being cited by the poll would
then indicate a possible "profit" or "money" being added to a "power"
question. Or, the power to make money and thus add to power.

"Modus is the Latin word expressing manner, means, or way."

"Operandi means of operation."

"A term that means method of, ("Modus Operandi")."

"Afore is an old-fashioned English prefix meaning beforehand."

"Malice aforethought is making up one's mind in advance to commit
an evil act without justification or excuse, and is the critical element
that distinguishes the crime of murder from all other kinds of, or

"With Malice meaning an intent to do an unlawful act."

"A malefactor is a wrongdoer." [Re: term "evildoer"]

"And many people think accost means to attack, but it merely
means to come side by side." (Note 8 -- for legal terms defined .) ______________________________________________
"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those
who do evil, but because of those who look on and do
nothing" -Albert Einstein
(Notes 1,2,3) - "Excerpt from the 6 August 2001 PDB"
"The President's Daily Brief"
By Thomas S. Blanton
"Updated April 12, 2004"
(Note 4) - "FTW - October 9, 2001" ("free web statistics")
as date located and captured on, (10-16-2004)
(Note 5) - "MSNBC - Afghan opium boom has U.K. on edge"
By Jennifer Carlile, Reporter, MSNBC, Updated: [-]
ET Aug. 11, 2004 As Afghanistan concludes what may
be a world record opium poppy harvest...".
(Note 6,7) - " - Poll: 50% of NYC Says U.S. Govt Knew"
(Note 8) - "Legal Terminology by Mary H. Knapp 'A Programmed

Approach' copyright 1981, 1990 by Stenograph Corp."
{materlized by} {arranged. rights. reserved (c) 2004}

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