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Thursday, October 28, 2004


"Democracy? It can't be stamped out."

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"The Doctrine of Democracy -- (2004)"

[Now-- "PROPERTY" -- of -- "THE PUBLIC DOMAIN" -- January 1, 2005]]

Democracy is simple.

It is a "seed" that is hardwired into each and every individual now a
resident, or citizen, of this planet that we all know as earth.

It comes not by revolution, but instead by evolution. Or the principles
that all of us are equal and have a share in both ~ the good and the bad
~ elements that occur on the limited domain of this fragile sphere that
we collectively call home. ~ (*) ~ Just a speck in the larger universe ~

As such, democracy cannot be born out of the bullets of any gun. It can
only be defended, or protected, by the force of our blood that now stains
the history of mankind. In order to form a "more perfect" union, and in
order to ensure that all individuals are truly free, and as such, lawfully
recognized as equal in all aspects of their particular society, or country.

This would include:

~ the freedom from harm,

~ the freedom from repression,

~ the freedom from wrongful imprisonment,

~ the freedom from starvation, and

~ the freedom from any, and all forms of, persecution.

For all of our differing religious and/or political opinions. Not excused by wrongful use of law.

Especially not condoned by excessive use of force, either by self mode, or by state method.

~ The freedom to live,

~ the freedom to prosper,

~ the freedom to know, and

~ the freedom of knowledge.

Because, democracy is that simple. It is our "gift" from all of those that came
before us. As it is now ours to maintain, for all of those that will arrive, as the
future generations. Each unique and interdependent upon us to protect,
defend and pass on a society better than the one that was inherited to each,
and...(use authorized as ~ public domain)

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