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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


911 Timeline: Flight-77 (1st post)

{note from 'gravity works2' view entire timeline work at link}

"Complete 911 Timeline: American Airlines Flight 77"
"Project: Complete 911 Timeline"
"Open-Content project managed by Paul Thompson"

"7:18 a.m."

"Apparently, according to a security video seen by the
9/11 Commission, Flight 77 hijackers Majed Moqed and
Khalid Almihdhar pass through a security checkpoint at
Dulles International Airport in Washington. While their
carry-on bags fail to set off any alarms, both set off alarms
when passing through the magnetometer. They are directed
to a second magnetometer. Almihdhar passes, but Moqed
fails again. He is subjected to a personal screening with a
metal detection hand wand. This time he is cleared and he
is permitted to pass through the checkpoint."
"[9/11 Commission 1/27/04]"
{materialized by

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